Wednesday, April 29, 2009


That has been my day! Last week we submitted our paperwork on a possible adoption situation. I didn't hear anything back, and it was pretty costly so I decided to not follow through with it.

(UP) Today my cell phone rang while I was with a customer. I let it go to voicemail. A few minutes later I listened to the message. It was that agency! I couldn't make the call for about 15 minutes until my break. By the end of that 15 minutes I was convinced he was calling to say she picked us!

(DOWN) No, they've not heard back from her yet. But would we be interested in getting the paperwork with them so they can present us to all birthmoms that come there?

(UP) Sure, we'd love to. Then it was my turn for my eye appointment, so I said I would call him back.

(UP) He called to say that they had a birth mom that just started to dialate and the potential family she picked had backed out. Could he show her our info? Yes please!

(UP) Their paperwork doesn't look too intensive...I need to redo our picture pages, but I want to do that anyways...

(DOWN) Oh, all of their fees are pretty costly. But everyone outside of LDSFS seems to be costly...

(DOWN) I emailed my support group to see what they thought of the agency (The Adoption Center). Bad news, nobody thinks positive of them. They said they seem greedy and have a ton of hidden fees and they don't seem to take care of anyone but themselves.

So now I feel like I am back at square one. Continue to wait on LDSFS and hope that SOMETHING happens! It was nice that the above agency showed our profile to two separate birthmoms in one week! I don't think anyone has looked at our paper profile with LDSFS in the past 14 months! I have decided that if we do take the leap into the expensive agencies than I want to go with A Guardian Angel Adoptions. They are the ones I have been the most impressed with.


  1. It's true when they call infertility a roller coaster! It's so hard being up and down so much! My heart just goes out to you and your husband. I want so badly for you guys to get your baby soon! It's so hard waiting, I know I didn't wait for adoption but I went through so many failed treatments and I was convinced I would never be a mother. Are you sure you don't want to move to Vegas? There are only like 14 couples waiting right now! To bad there are no jobs here!

  2. I know how you feel just last week I mentioned to everyone that I felt like I was starting back at square one. It honestly (sorry to be so negative) but sucks. You can still have hope though maybe that mom might pick you. I am still hoping and praying for both of you that you become parents soon. I know this is hard and seems long and like there is no end in sight but just when that happens something might happen when you least expect it and I hope and pray that happens for you both. You both would make magnificant parents.