Thursday, April 2, 2009

I put the baby stuff away

I couldn't look at the nursery anymore so I packed everything into the closet. Two years ago we decided to adopt. Two years ago we bought the swing, the highchair and the bassinet. For two years it has set in the bedroom just waiting to get used.

I used to go in and put batteries in everything and use them just to see them in action. I haven't done that for months, maybe even close to a year.

When we first started I wanted to specify a gender so I could better prepare. I hate gender neutral stuff like Winnie the Pooh. I wanted to deck the room out in pink galore or paint the pink walls a baby blue. We finally decided on a boy and I bought a bedding set. I searched everywhere for the perfect farm theme set. I went to fabric stores and looked for fabric to make my own. I finally found the perfect set on eBay. It's so cute.

Then we decided we were limiting ourselves and decided to go either gender. When our file was finally approved I went to eBay and bought a John Deere blanket/pillow set in pink and green so I could have something for when "the call" came. They are so beautiful. I am in love with the pink one. But they're just sitting in a box...

I just don't want to look at the stuff right now. Sure, we keep that door closed, but I knew it was there.

The room looks so bare now, so void of life. Good thing we keep the door closed

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