Monday, April 27, 2015

#MicroblogMondays: Infertility Tattoo

I would like to get a tattoo to represent my infertility. The problem is, I'm not sure what I want. I've considered something that represents just the two of us. Or something to symbolize our loss. But I'm still not sure what I want. I do know I want something unique. I don't want to just Google the infertility symbol and do that.

I already have one tattoo and love it. It really doesn't have any symbolism behind it, except that it was my first tattoo. I had to think on it for two years before I decided what I wanted. But I have loved it so much, I've decided I want a 2nd one, but this time with some meaning behind it, hence the infertility.

I want something to remind me that infertility didn't beat me. I was bruised, but never completely broken. Or something that shows how Josh & I are our own family. That we can be complete without a child.

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  1. Wait a bit before you get the tattoo. Think well.
    You are so much more than only infertility.
    Don't let be marked by it.

  2. My original post was just the 1st paragraph, but when I started getting feedback, I felt like I didn't explain myself well, so I went back and added the last few paragraphs.

  3. I think a tattoo is a great idea for commemorating your journey, and all the more special if it is something that YOU know represents your journey, your losses, and how you've risen above, but to the outside isn't necessarily a sort of "scarlet IF." Maybe a phoenix?

    I have a tattoo of a dragon that is WAY bigger than I intended, that covers a stupid monkey I got when I was younger and married to a complete idiot. He liked monkeys, so I foolishly tattooed a monkey on my back. Oh, irony. When we divorced due to rampant cheating on his part, I wanted something to swallow up that freaking monkey. That dragon represents me (I was born in the Year of the Dragon) but also that I am way stronger than any stupid dancing monkey and I was capable of getting that monkey off my back with something that was fierce and breathed fire. I was reborn to a better life through dragon fire.... but to everyone else it just looks like a fierce black dragon, it's a symbol I don't have to fully explain. Just thought I'd share my own sort of secret-symbolic tattoo that means the world to me but isn't apparent to everyone else. :)

    Good luck in choosing a design that is meaningful to you!

  4. Good luck deciding on the design- it is a big decision!

    Thank you for the recipe suggestion. When E. says he wants an articulated cake, he means a cake in two pieces that are somehow attached- just like accordion/articulated buses. He's transport mad.

  5. I'm no help, and my feelings tend towards those Klara expressed. But I do wish you luck finding just the right design.

  6. I get it. Good luck designing one that fits you!