Monday, April 20, 2015

#MicroblogMonday: Hormones

I often wonder why my body was cursed, just enough, that it couldn't have a baby, but not so much that I still get my monthly visitor, Aunt Flo. Well, almost monthly. My periods can be pretty sporadic. I never know if I'm going to go 2-3 months with no period, or just the normal 28 days.

That is where the problem lies. The days leading up to my period, I get emotional. Super emotional. Cry over spilled milk emotional. But it never dawns on me why I am that way until my period actually starts. Then the light bulbs goes on and its like "oh, no wonder I've been so moody lately."

Last week was bad. Once I realized, there would be no baby #2, I lost it. I spent all of last Sunday in tears. Monday, was only slightly better because I was trying to keep on a happy face while at work. But inside, I was a wreck.

Finally, on Tuesday night, I realized Aunt Flo was upon me. As much as I hate her, it was almost a relief to place the blame on her for my recent emotional turmoil. Because now that she is gone, I've returned to my normal self.

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  1. Hormones suck! I remember a study that claimed PMS is not a real thing. I liked the premise - mainly because it stopped my husband being smug about "is it that time of the month again?" - but I feel as if my own reality discounted it completely. Menopause symptoms were horrible too - being on HRT is a much smoother emotional ride.

  2. Ugh, Aunt Flo is such a fickle one...showing up when you want to be done with her for 9 months or so, not showing up when you need her to start a cycle, showing up and wreaking havoc on your emotional state. I definitely see a change in emotions when my period is coming to town. It is kind of nice to blame the turmoil on that event even if it is coming from a variety of factors. I'm glad you're feeling better now that she's gone.

  3. It sucks that Aunt Flo brings so much baggage with her arrival. May her arrival mark the end of crazy hormone shifts and that you are feeling more yourself very soon.

  4. Hormones do suck! I get really bad PMS too, and now that you mention it, I bet it's why I've been alternating between ragey and over the top emotional. And now that I have the IUD it's sort of creating a whole new set of unpleasant issues for me, in addition to the mood swings.

  5. I get the same way and will go and count out how far away I am from my period. It comes fairly regularly (and frequently) so I always get the "oh, so that's why" moment. But I'm worried about the later parts of menopause, when I can't predict my period anymore, and I only know in retrospect.

  6. Yep. And I have noticed my midcycle & PMS symptoms have been getting worse in recent years, as I head towards menopause. Yay Aunt Flo (not). :p