Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Money Debate

I think one of the biggest misguided concepts that I struggle with is how we have all the money in the world. As a childless couple, we just walk around, throwing money at whatever we want.

I have no doubt raising kids is expensive. When I buy items to make a diaper cake, I am shocked at how much diapers costs. And formula, I can't image that is cheap. Then there is t-ball fees, doctor visits, birthday's, school registration, just to name a few. I'm sure it all adds up very quickly.

But just because we don't have those kind of expenses, doesn't mean we have money multiplying in our pockets. We have a mortgage and car payments also. We both work, not because it would be boring at home all alone, but because we have obligations also.

Until last week, we were still using the same dresser my husband grew up with. I've wanted a new dresser since the day we married. But the money always needed to go somewhere else. We can't just spend money on every whim.

I'm not denying we have a little extra to spend, but that is all it is, a little. When it comes down to it, we pay a lot of the same bills that families with children pay.

But on the other hand, I can't deny how it is a blessing to us. Because of the little bit of extra money we have, I am able to go back to school, hopefully most of it debt free.

I also want to add, then there are infertile couples that do not have the financial freedom like we do. A lot of couples are deeply invested and/or in debt because of treatments. We never pursued medical treatment very far, but I know it cost $1000's. For some, the treatments work. For others, they don't. But either way, the money has to be paid.

There are also infertile couples, that because of other finance issues, they can't even pursue infertility treatment or adoption. Money is a HUGE factor for couples trying to have a baby, something that comes so naturally to others. And yet, a lot of the time, even money is not enough.

My point is, just because a couple is childless, doesn't mean they have some large hoard of cash they are sitting on. Money may not buy everything, but it does make the world go round. Childless or not, we all have a lot of the same bills to pay and other financial responsibilities.

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  1. This is definitely one of my pet peeves about being childless. I can't deny that not having kids has meant more disposable income, and more savings. But the idea that we are rolling in it is WAY off the mark. :p Plus, people don't think of what we gave up and what it cost us (not just financially but mentally, physically, emotionally) to get to this point in our lives.