Friday, December 24, 2010


I've worked so hard to make Christmas amazing this year. I started my shopping in October, and for the most part, I was finished before Dec. 1. This year my homemade gifts were finished 2 WEEKS before Christmas instead of 5 hours before Christmas morning. I thought of the PERFECT gift for my husband and when I realized I wouldn't be able to find it, I instead started to buy EVERYTHING for him that I could think of. (Except a gun, I can't pick that out by myself and he is saving his Santa money for one on his own.) I have presents hidden in my house, my in-laws house and at work. Now I just need to sort them into Christmas gifts and Birthday presents and get them all wrapped. I worked hard on my own list and set Josh up his own checking account so he could surprise me this year. I even bought myself one gift and opened it last night because I just can't bear the excitement much longer. Josh doesn't care for Christmas music, but that hasn't stopped me from listening to it at work and on my iPod. I am determined that this will be the best Christmas we've had in years.

So why am I in tears today?

Because this was supposed to be the best Christmas ever. So many years of hoping. So many years of saying "Maybe next year we will have a baby." Last year we were finally able to say, "This is our last year just the two of us." Last year was exciting, mostly because we were already thinking about this year.

I've tried so hard to not think about it. I've watched Josh play Santa and I've tried to forget that this years Christmas card was going to be him dressed as Santa with me and our baby sitting on his lap. Each time I've bought a present, I've tried to not think about what I'd rather be buying. I actually thought I saw two babies at my moms house during her dinner, but then I blinked and realized there was only my nephew.

I've tried to forget that our baby would be six months old now. When we first learned the due date, we immediately counted six months. Josh's family went though the temple on his birthday. It was the most amazing day ever. We were hoping that we could choose that as our sealing date.

I think that is why I have worked so hard on Christmas this year. So I can forget about the Christmas we had hoped for.


  1. *hugs* I understand how hard it is. I'm doing a little of that myself this year. Not the "we should have a baby now" but the "we should have our paperwork done by now and be waiting." Life just likes to interfere too much some times.

  2. Oh Savannah, I am so sorry. Through the craziness of this season I was thinking about you (while stitching faces) and wondering how you were doing. I was worried this Christmas would be difficult. HUGS. There are just some things I don't think wonderful women should have to suffer endlessly through. If you ever want to chat I'm here to listen...

    Also, once again you have helped me. I read your wonderful poem on your family blog and wanted to share it on my infertility blog- I hope that's o.k. It's something I needed today. Thank you...

  3. Jana, I got your comment and it breaks my heart that people weren't understanding about your infertility. I didn't want to publish your comment because it listed your email address. I will miss your blog. If you start blogging again, be sure to let me know. Have you considered a private blog where you can control who can see your blog?