Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A possible situation?

We just received a contact from Parent Profiles, but I can't tell if it's legit and also if it feels right. I've done a little Internet research and found a Glinda in KY, but that's about it. I want to check My Space and Faceboook, but I can't look at those at work, so I'll have to wait until I get home.

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Affiliation: Birthmother
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I am looking for a couple to help my daughter and I both. My health is not the best and we have no one. My whole family is deceased. We are all alone in Ky. If you feel you might like to speak with me please notify me via email at***** Or you could phone me at *****. My daughter is only 5 months old. God Bless, Glin.

I am working on a reply right now, but I haven't sent it yet. Basically I am asking her if she will contact LDSFS, I even listed the info. for the closest office to her, which is about 3 hours it looks like. I want to be excited, but I'm having a hard time. I don' t know if it's because I have a hard time trusting if it's a 'real deal' or maybe it's just not right for us. Realistically I would like to adopt in Utah to keep things simple and I would like and newborn infant, but I guess 5 months isn't that far off.

And of course Josh would choose this day to loose his cell phone. He came home last night and said it was in his vest pocket, but he's not sure where his vest is. ARGH! I am so frustrated with him right now! If we don't follow through with this and if it's feels legit I will pass the information on to those who are looking to adopt.

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  1. That stinks that people have played around with your feelings like that. I don't think these people know what we go through. When you think you might have an oportunity and then it falls through to be fake it is heart breaking. I am sorry someone did that to you. I know back in November my friends from work told me that her day care lady has a little boy that was 2 that needed a home. In ther begging of our adoption all we talked about was wanting an infant I think because doing infertility that is all you think of. But as time passed and we heard about this 2 year old we thought it would be great. From what I was told from the day care lady the mother had the baby at 16 and she has gone to rehab 3 times and her ex boyfriend wanted nothing to do with the child. The birth mom's mom took the child but then had the child away from her for un fit home then the child went to the birth father's father house. When the grandpa has a new wife that doens't want this baby and she said if they kept the child she was going to divorce him. Well that fell through I gave them my name and phone number and e-mail address and that was over a month ago that I gave them the informationand have never heard anything back so it kind of made me sad becuase you think of the child and say now what life is he going to raise but it is out of my power. I feel bad but this happens. I am sorry that you had to feel that becuase it sucks. I was hoping that this was it. I hope it happens soon. I am thinking of you and praying.