Friday, March 13, 2009

Salsa and my first pregnancy test

One of my favorite fellow infertile bloggers posted a story about a pregnancy test. Her story had me laughing and then I remembered my first pregnancy test. I was able to look back on it and smile. I couldn't help but think about the TV show How I Met Your Mother. It made me think that someday my failed pregnancy tests will be a part of our story How we came to find you.

We had been married about 4-1/2 years. We were living in a teeny, tiny apartment (I bet prisoners have bigger cells). One night Josh was eating chips and salsa. I DO NOT LIKE SALSA. But that night it smelt good. So I had some. I had some the next night and the next night.

Looking back I know realize it was my acid reflux that was making me sick each morning after eating salsa (acid foods = upset belly for Savannah) at night. But after waking up several morning in a row feeling sick I decided that my sudden liking for salsa could only be one thing: the FOOD CRAVINGS of a pregnant women. We weren't actively trying for children yet, but we had stopped all prevention methods.

Where we would have ever put a baby in the tiny place I have no idea. I can't look back at all my negative pregnancy tests and laugh, but that first one now makes me smile. Oh, and I still like Salsa from time to time.

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