Monday, June 22, 2015

#MicroblogMonday: Aunt's Intuition

Yesterday, we celebrated Valex's 5th Birthday. First off, who gave him permission to keep growing?! I love each new stage, but I was looking through old pictures and I miss those boys being little babies.

Of course, I took my role as aunt seriously and spoiled him rotten. I seem to have developed two seperate birthday budgets. The first one is the presents I buy and wrap for them. I think I gave him 2 outfits and 5 shirts. Including a Superman Shirt with a cape.

The 2nd budget is the the toys that go on the cake.
Last night, my sister told me the Superman shirt was his favorite present and he couldn't wait to wear it to school (aka, daycare) today. She went on to say that I always find the coolest gifts. I told her it was my "aunt's intuition."

I had planned to get Daxsen a matching cape with shirt for his birthday in August. But last night, I felt bad that he had to wait so long. So this morning, I decided to just order it now. When its his birthday, I'll get them both a Batman shirt with cape. Call it my "aunt's guilt."

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  1. This made me smile. I love spoiling my niece. I often buy presents for her in between the birthday/Christmas regulars. Sometimes I'll keep them till her birthday, sometimes I can't wait just to give them!

  2. Oh wow, I love the shirt with the cape! And that cake is AWESOME. You are the best aunt!

  3. So cute! And did you make that cake?

    1. Yes, I did! I love that my sister lets me have that one joy in my life. She's just as capable as I am, but I think she knows how much it means to me.

  4. I wish I had an auntie like you! Good job! Love the cake!

  5. Damn, I want you to be my auntie! My Superman shirts do not have capes.