Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why Am I Crying?!

Why am I crying?!

Not bawling really, just small tears trickling down.

But why?

I'm sure it could hormones; it is that time of the month.

Or I could blame stress. House buying, what an adventure.

Or lack of sleep. But I think that is because of the stress.

Or is it tears of happiness for another? Someone who really deserves this happy ending. My first thought was "No way? I'm so happy for her!" She deserves this pregnancy more then anyone I know.

Or is it sadness? For a path of happiness I never got to travel. Not that I'm not happy, cause I am. I just read a hilarious book written by a lady who lives childfree. LOVED it! Just like when you deal with infertility, once you decide to live child free, people are so judgmental and say the meanest/stupidest things.

Or maybe its just tears from remembrance of a painful time.

Infertility, I will never figure you out.

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