Friday, June 5, 2009

All I can say is....WOW

I had an amazing experience today where I know that God's hand is in my life and it the dentist office.

Let me go back to the first of the year to really show how amazing this all is. At the beginning of the year the dentist I was using quit accepting our insurance. I was totally bummed over this, because I really liked this dentist. So bummed that I bought off find a new dentist for almost 6 months.

Then last week I noticed that my teeth didn't feel as clean and I decided to get an appointment for a cleaning. I asked around at work and found a new dentist. This Monday, I called to get an appointment, knowing it would be several weeks out because dentists are just busy like that and I wouldn't be a priority since I didn't have a tooth ache. Plus, I only want to go on Friday's which narrows my chances.

Guess what...they had a cancellation for THIS FRIDAY. I have never been able to get a cleaning the same week that I called for the appointment. EVER.

After some pictures, poking, cleaning, I was informed I needed to have some work done and his insurance specialist would help me out with the costs and some appointments. After we were all finished I decided to hand her one of our pass along cards (that's what their for). I still feel awkward when I give these out, but I am getting better. I just let them know that we are looking to adopt and if they know of any one please give them our information or if you feel inspired to give it to someone for the same reason, please pass it on.

Today I gave her our card and got as far as, "We are trying to adopt." She exclaimed that they just started to look into it for themselves. We spent another 15 minutes visiting about adoption. Adoption is so close to my heart that I could talk about it forever. They are going through a different agency, but I've invited her to join our local FSA and I hope we can become great friends there.

I don't like going to the dentist, but I know I was supposed to be there today.


  1. That's awesome. I had an experience this week where I was at the right time and right place also. I had lost my keys and had been looking for them for 5 days. On tuesday I was debating on whether to go to my M.O.M. night or not. I finally decided I would since I had to take dinner to a lady that lived over that way anyway. After dinner I mentioned to one of the Moms that I couldn't find my keys. She said did you look in the Freezer(apparently her mom had once put her keys in the freezer). Then she talked to me about praying for divine intervention.(she's not LDS). We talked a little while longer and then I headed home. On the way home I prayed. Then when I got home I looked in the freezer. They weren't there but I felt I needed to check all around there. I got a chair and looked on the top and low and behold among the junk on the top of the Fridge/Freezer was my keys. God knows what he's doing and puts us where we are suppose to be.

  2. That is neat! I love when these "coincidental" experiences happen! I love your background! I haven't been on this blog before. :)

  3. That is so awesome. It is crazy how life works. It comes to show how many people there are that are in our exact same boat. It makes you feel no so alone in the world.